Hi, I’m Dr. Neeta.

I’m a licensed psychologist…but you might also call me an international life coach, a transition strategist, and a fellow global citizen.

My online practice caters to expats, migrants/first gens, digital nomads, diplomats, humanitarian workers, third culture kids, students abroad, trailing spouses, military veterans, and otherwise globally mobile people.

I believe that Therapy + Coaching is for anyone and everyone. They are powerful, transformative processes for unlocking your true capacity. If you want to live your best international life, you want a therapist or a coach! Adventures are full of unexpected surprises (and so are the returns). Imagine the possibilities if you enlisted a psychologically saavy companion on your journey.

My expertise serves the cross-cultural humxn in transition. As you pivot, I create space for you to navigate life with authenticity. Whether you work or love abroad, I understand life across borders.

Building bridges for a global mindset is my passion. When you thrive overseas, you have more positive cultural exchanges that—in turn—make the world a better place.

That’s why my practice is dedicated to global nomads of all kinds, everywhere.

See you online,

Dr. Neeta Ramkumar

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