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Dr. Neeta is launching an innovative worldwide network of mental health professionals.

The project seeks to connect people with culturally-appropriate services and psychology skill sets at a grassroots level:

- Clients to Practitioners

- Trainees to Supervisors

- Researchers to Collaborators

- Consultants to Organizations

Psychology Across Borders is aimed at facilitating knowledge exchange among local and global networks as mental health professionals address questions of culture, healing, and what it means to be human in a world that is both globalizing and indigenizing.

As an international American psychologist,

Dr. Neeta realized that in many part of the world, mental health workers are helping their communities with limited (or no) access to professional support networks outside of formal institutions. In the Global North, she saw psychologists who wanted to be involved in international research and training without moving countries, but knew little of the psychology landscape across their borders. That’s how the social justice mission of Psychology Across Borders was born.

Psychology Across Borders is the world’s ONLY global mental health community with the mission of decolonizing psychology and making it accessible through grassroots international partnerships and collaboration.

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