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Inspirational Travel Stories

Memoirs, fiction, and spiritual inspiration

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Life is a Trip:
the transformative magic of travel

by Judith Fein (Author)

Cross Cultural Transition & Third Culture Kids

For the those of us caught between worlds.

Companions for Healing Journeys

healing from trauma, self compassion, and self-help guides

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Healing Trauma to Reclaim Your Authentic Self

by Thema Bryant Ph.D. (Author)

Decolonizing, Justice, and Liberation

Psychology in Oceania and the Caribbean (2022)

Grant J. Rich (Editor) Neeta A. Ramkumar (Editor)

With contributions from noted psychologists in the Caribbean and Oceania, as well as experts from around the globe, this book provides nuanced examination of significant psychological issues in nations such as Fiji, Guyana, Belize, Haiti, Jamaica, and more. Psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals with an interest in this part of the world, will find this volume a rich resource, as will those generally interested in the relationship between culture and psychology.

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by Gayatri Sethi (Author)

Resources for Relationships

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Opening Up:
A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relations

by Tristan Taormino (Author)

Personal Growth and Development

Knowledge from world traditions that enhance life.

For Professional Global Citizens

For the humanitarians and therapists who strive to make the world a better place.

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