Dr. Neeta

CALLING fellow dreamers & explorers:
If you are on a self-discovery and transition journey, I’m here to give you an EDGE. 

My therapy + coaching services have people from all walks of life step into uncharted territory and claim the life they really want. 

I'm watching your blindspots and you can count on me to give it to you real. I’m here for you, wherever the adventure may lead.

I travel often and these days I’m mostly between Austin, Texas & Rennes, France. Please allow for time zone differences and flexibility based on internet connectivity.

“Remote” sessions put your privacy and comfort first. No waiting rooms, no commutes, and no need to skip sessions if you are out of town.

My set up includes an uber-secure HIPPA compliant platforms so your personal information is protected with the upmost respect.

A device + wifi and let’s go!

If you are a global nomad just like me,
you might appreciate how I can “travel with you” across borders virtually.

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I love helping nomads and cross-culturals dealing with LIFE...

you know: family stuff, relationships, career, health. 

Not sure whether to stay or call it quits in your new home country?

Are you first generation or of mixed ethnic background and caught between worlds?

Are you a student abroad feeling anxious or depressed?

Has following (or not following) your partner for an international move strained the relationship?

Are you in an intercultural relationship hitting some unexpected speed bumps?

These are a few scenarios that could lead someone to my practice. 

Is a family member adjusting to a disability or traumatic experience without support services in your area? 

Maybe you’ve changed in your time abroad and being “home” doesn’t feel like it used to? 

It’s common for globally mobile people and “cross cultural kids” to experience issues with:


Culture shock

Friend turnover/loss


Emotional health abroad

Cross cultural relationships

Intergenerational relationships


Cross cultural experiences

Multicultural identity

Relocation challenges

Compassion fatigue



Finding the right professional goes way beyond location.

I know that being overseas means life’s challenges are even harder without familiar support systems.

I know that even if you are settled in one place, availibility of in-person services with the expertise you need can be limiting.

I believe that you shouldn’t have to be constantly explaining your culture or lifestyle when seeking help.

You deserve support from someone who gets you. 

My Discovery Consultation is designed to point you in a helpful direction even if my practice is not an ideal match.

Let’s tell our stories in ways that make us stronger.

I’m not your typical therapist or coach. I’m active and results driven. You can expect me to share collective wisdom (education) and engage you in mind-body work. 

I combine research, ancient philosophy, and my lived experience as a global psychologist to deliver life hacks that transform.

I create custom, science-based strategy plans for each of my clients. Then, we dive into the process organically and adapt accordingly.

You don’t have to be a hero deprived of guides, mentors, or helpers in your story. 

Most of my clients are capable of “going through” life on their own. They keen and compelling survivors. What finally brings them to me is the desire to “fully live” life instead. They are interested in breaking negative cycles, accelerating personal growth, and centering their deepest values. I’m here to help you heal, leap bravely, and


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