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NEW CLIENTS BEGIN WITH A Discovery consultation

We have 30 minutes to discuss your goals and
whether therapy or coaching is a better fit.* 

The Discovery Consultation is $45 for potential clients only (a $100 value).
The extended time gets you the information you need before
becoming an official client or seeking help for someone you care about.

It’s your chance to ask me anything. 


Just curious and want some advice on how to get help for your issue?

Have questions about my practice and whether therapy versus coaching is right for you?

Calling for a friend?

You can schedule a Discovery Consultation for yourself, you and your partner, or someone else. 


If you become a client, your
DISCOVERY CONSULTATION is credited towards your account.

Alternatively, if my practice is not an ideal fit, my promise is that you will leave with recommendations, next steps, and resources on how to connect with relevant services. 
It can be useful to have a knowledgeable consultant point you in a helpful direction, 
and that’s what I’m passionate about. 

The Discovery Consultation is intended to be a win-win first step. I'm still here to help you

* Please note, the discovery consultation is a one-time service and not therapy. You will not be considered Dr. Neeta’s client until you enroll in therapy or coaching services. Also, life and transition coaching services are available worldwide, whereas availability of psychotherapy and psychological services are dependent on changing regulations in our location(s). We will talk logistics once we connect.

There is an electrifying element to being in the presence of someone who so boldly believes in you that makes you want to believe in yourself just as hard; that is one of Neeta's many superpowers. I think it's one of her best healing abilities.

- A first generation American

Dr. Ramkumar has helped me through some of the toughest moments from grief to teaching me self-love and self compassion. She’s been by my side. She understands when to coach and hold me accountable and when to allow me some slack. She is knowledgeable, resourceful and is a blessing to those of us that have had the opportunity to be surrounded by her presence. She uses her own lived experience as an Expat to help those in transition between cities. She’s an active listener and always provides sound advice. I highly recommend Dr. Ramkumar to anyone looking for a coach or therapist to grow with.

- A cross cultural kid & domestic transplant

When all I want is someone who can give me the space to create myself from a blank canvas while also providing a guiding voice to help me out when I'm in my fears, Neeta is the most effective source of comfort and guidance- the perfect blend of life coach.

- An adult cross cultural kid

More often than not I felt lost in my identity during my young adulthood. I didn't trust myself with many people, and finding help from a professional seemed to be a distant option. Neeta lovingly took my hand and walked me through facing facts in my life and my fears in order to help me learn to live authentically, with confidence, from a place of no judgement and all empowerment. 

- A child of immigrants

Neeta Ramkumar inspires me to be more self-compassionate, brave, and confident. Our conversations help me to identify what I truly desire and how to take actions to pursue my dreams.

- A domestic transplant & world traveler

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