The Global Living


Hello there Global Citizens, Expats, Nomads, and Cross Cultural Transplants!

I’m excited to introduce this incredible tool created just for you.

I designed the Global Living Inventory to help you identify underlying human needs for life satisfaction. Many of us get caught up with endless check-lists of tasks that we “should do” in order for our lives to work in a global transition.

This is an orientation tool for your values and what really matters. 

A snapshot of current life

The Global Living Inventory  gives you feedback on basic needs, adjustment to local environment, acculturation, separation from other cultures, social relationships, and foundations for personal growth. Each area is important and interconnects with others. Growth in one area promotes growth in others, likewise, stagnation in one area can bring down other areas. 

The Global Living Inventory is intended to help you make everyday choices towards meeting your needs as a transitioning human being. You can use this tool at different points in your life transitions and it may give you new insights as you adjust, adapt, and grow. 

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The Global Living Inventory has been reviewed by cross-cultural mental health professionals in psychology, psychiatry, and social work. It is based on research and theory of global mobility and positive psychology.

If you are a practitioner,  therapist or coach, you are welcome to use the Global Living Inventory in your practice. Please credit Dr. Neeta as the creator. Feedback is appreciated. 


I’ve also included reflection questions so you can begin prioritizing actionable steps. 
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You can take this Global Living Inventory as many times as you like, in whatever phase of adjustment you are in.

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